Grow Older… Without ‘Getting Old’!

Tim  11.2.13

Tim 11.2.13

I choose to grow older, without ‘getting old’.

~ I believe if I don’t have choice about how I age, then I’m a victim to some force outside myself.
~ I believe that by ‘choosing and acting’ I reclaim my power. I stop being a victim.
~ I believe my symptoms of ‘old age’ are mostly old ‘default programs’ I installed in my sub-conscious.
~ I believe I chose these programs because they were the most logical choice I had at that time.
~ I believe these programs, like most all my internal programs, can be altered, or rewritten.
~ I believe I have a great deal of choice about how I will age.

Here are a few of my choices:

~ I choose to NOT spend my last 10 or 15 years in a wheelchair, or a nursing home or dependent upon my kids to feed me and change my diapers.
~ I choose to NOT get a hip replacement, a knee replacement, a bionic eye, or any other kind of metal or plastic surgical implant.
~ I choose to live every day of my life with my eyes bright, my mind sharp, and my body strong, flexible and healthy.

~ The following are simply not an option for me.
No alzheimer’s! No Parkinson’s! No Huntington’s. No dementia of any kind! No arthritis! No diabetes! No high blood pressure! No elevated cholesterol levels! No thyroid problems! No heart problems! No wild hormonal imbalances! AND NO CANCER!

I take a few minutes at the start of each day to set specific intentions about how long I will live, and about how functional I will be today, tomorrow, and everyday, for the rest of my life. I then support and solidify my intentions through some specific movements.

I believe that almost anything is possible if we consistently and persistently pursue our goals with the correct intentions and supportive actions.

Listed below are the practices I do:

Fit-150 Intended Evolution Fitness
Jingui Golden Shield Qi Gong
Cultivate good posture

Live Your Potential
Grow Older…   Without ‘Getting Old’!