Tim  11.2.13

Tim 11.2.13

I believe it is possible to step outside the current paradigm around health and aging and slow down the rate at which our body’s age. I also believe it’s possible to reverse, or at the very least, dramatically shift many of the symptoms of aging that most people experience as normal.

I offer a form of bodywork that helps unlock the patterns and habits which are responsible for your stress, and pain. I also teach Mind, Body, Qi practices that when done consistently, free your system from its past programming and facilitate fundamental shifts at a core level.

The bodywork I do is called Pattern Release.
It is very deep acting and very gentle.
It is done with clothes on.
No oil.

The Mind, Body, Qi practices I teach are simple, and potent.
We meditate.
We move.
And we consciously cultivate more Qi by playfully challenging ourselves.

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