Grow Older… Without ‘Getting Old’!

Tim  11.2.13

Tim 11.2.13

Aging as we know it, is mostly a habit. Habits of course can either help us, or hinder us. If we want to be strong and healthy today, as well as for the rest of our life, then we need to adopt habits which support our goals for lifelong strength and health. We also need to stop reinforcing the habits and patterns we carry which don’t support our goals for lifelong health.

The energy/bodywork I do helps open your system up to more choices. With more openness you’ll find that your dysfunctional habits and patterns will no longer automatically be kicking into gear. Other options will be available to you. You’ll experience more freedom, and more openness. You will in effect be resetting your body back to it’s original design.

In addition to energy/bodywork, I also teach two separate Mind, Body, Qi practices. Both practices are very effective at helping you to free up your system from its past programming, and facilitate fundamental shifts at a core level.


The bodywork I do is called Pattern Release.
It works at the subtle level where your energy connects to your physical structure.
The effects are very deep acting and very gentle.
It is done with clothes on.
No oil is used.

The Mind, Body, Qi practices I teach are simple, and potent.
We meditate.
We move.
And we consciously cultivate more Qi.

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